Sugar Today

Let's discover the main benefits of the natural sugar for our health. Everybody thinks that refined sugar is bad for our health. But do we have an alternative and what product can replace white sugar and at the same time be useful for our health?

Several Types Of Sugar

There are several types of sugar that are received from sugar cane or sugar beets: refined white sugar, brown sugar, evaporated cane juice, turbinado sugar and organic cane sugar. All of these products are natural as they are made from plants. All of them are also refined, only the percentage of their refining varies. For example, brown sugar is a simple refined white sugar, with some molasses added to it. Turbinado "raw" sugar is made of dehydrated cane juice. It contains more natural nutrients and that's why its color is dark. And if you buy organic cane sugar, be sure that the cane, it was made from, was grown without any synthetic herbicides or pesticides and is totally pure.

We know that white sugar has no flavor, because of pure sucrose. But less refined sugars like evaporated cane juice can have their typical flavor that is given by molasses added to them. Surely, the most useful for our health and environment is organic sugar, that is made without any pesticides and herbicides.

You probably have heard that less-refined sugars contain more nutrients than regular white sugar. But in reality, this is only a speech of advertisers, that want to sell a certain product as expensive as it possible. Obviously, sugar cane is not so rich with nutrients as they say. So the difference between represented kinds of sugar is not so big. All of them contain the same percentage of calories and have almost the same influence on the human's health.

So remember, that if you have a daily "sugar-limit", it doesn't matter what type of sugar do you consume. All of them should be taken with knowledge of limits. According to The World Health Organization's normative, we should avoid about 5%-10% of the calories we consume daily. So for an adult, it is about 50 grams of sugar per day. They also count the sugar, that is used during cooking, and that contains in packaged and processed foods and drinks.

Sugar Cane

Talking about the price of this product we have to admit, that cane sugar is the most expensive form of sucrose. But why a lot of people still prefer it?. Here are some facts about the sugarcane. This is a tropical plant, which contains a high level of the sweet substance. Originally, sugarcane was used as a sweetener in ancient India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East before it came to Europe. Nowadays, the production of cane sugar takes about 70% of the world sugar production. Sugar producers say that cane and beet sugar are almost the same. In a fact, they have almost identical chemically, but experienced cooks know, that brown beet sugar can give unexpected results while you are cooking. And what about white beet sugar, it is indiscernible from the white cane one.

One of the biggest sugar cane plantations in the world is located on the island of Maui. This magical Hawaiian island has ideal conditions for the sugar cane growing. According to the legend, this island was created by Maui, the Polynesian Demi-God. This and other interesting stories from the Island's rich folklore you can discover if you visit this magical place. Just imagine yourself on its gorgeous beaches and don't forget to visit its numerous attractions.

But returning to the sugar cane, what are its main benefits for our health? You surely didn't know that sugar cane and sugar cane juice contain essential amino acids and vitamins that help to support our health and prevent different diseases, including cancer. Sugarcane juice is a great helper in tooth decay fighting, as it contains lots of minerals. It also helps to fight jaundice and boosts our immunity. It is great for our skin as it contains alpha hydroxy acid. Just try to use it as a face care product and soon you'll discover your smooth and radiant skin. So if you will drink a couple of glasses of sugar cane juice, be sure that you will stay healthy and strong.

Natural Or Refined Sugars

It would be useful to understand, what is better for our health, natural or refined sugars? We know that sugar in its various forms is a simple carbohydrate that is converted by our body into glucose that is used for energy. And only the type of the sugar determines the impact on our body and health. According to the experience of dietitians that try to prevent oncology diseases, only natural sugar can provide nutrients that help to keep our body healthy. We should understand that chemically produced sugar is often used by food manufacturing companies. That means that such food has little nutritional values, but still do contain a high level of sugar. You can simply replace it with unsweetened milk or fruits that contain vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are good for your health. Metabolism processes are totally different when we talk about natural and refined sugar. Refined sugar is broken down by our body fast and it makes insulin and blood sugar levels too high. Opposite, the fiber, that contains in fruits, slows down metabolism and you feel full longer. Nowadays people eat too many refined sugars, that is leading to mass obesity, which is unfortunately associated with certain types of cancer. But you can still minimize your cancer risk by choosing healthy food which is rich with antioxidants and low in refined sugars. Just bring it to a habit, and you will stay healthy and young!

Glycemic Index

One of the most famous definitions in dietology is a glycemic index. It shows how quickly the starches and sugars that we receive from food and drinks are broken down into glucose and a release of the bloodstream after food or beverages were taken. This process actually unlocks energy and satisfies our basic energy needs. Some people think that sugar causes a rapid rise in blood glucose and triggers an abnormal production of insulin followed by an atypical drop in blood glucose. But in a fact, sugar stands in the middle between all carbohydrate foods, when we talk about raising of blood glucose. We have to understand that every person's glycemic response to a food may vary and depends on many factors. Experts say that the level of the glycemic index is not the only reason for changing diet. It only shows the reaction of our body to certain kind of food that is eaten at a certain time. The main point we have to achieve is to have the perfectly balanced nutrition that contains different products, including sugar, in equal parts.

Another one thing we have to know to stay healthy is a seesaw effect. This phenomenon shows that there is an inverse relationship between the percentage of calories someone consumes from fat and those consumed from sugars. So people with diets that are low in fat consume more sugar. And those who are on high-fat diets, have low sugar intakes. According to the latest researches, any undue focus on a single dietary component is ineffective. That means that the only way of staying healthy is to keep a varied diet. It should contain both sugar and fat otherwise it leads to caloric overcompensation in another whether sugar or fat and conversely.

Lose Weight With Sugar

So is it really possible to eat sugar and still lose weight? Scientists admit that sugar is not so bad for our health as we use to think. It doesn't contain fats and gives us energy. However, you surely won't stay slim if you eat too much sugar. But if you follow our simple advice, you will learn how to find a perfect balance in sugar eating. You have to know that sugar is everywhere, so even if you don't eat candies, and prefer a slice of a white bread, be sure that you already received your dose of sugar. But you can still control blood-glucose levels and increase the ability of your body to burn fat. Forget about cereal and performance bars that contain a lot of sugar and try to change them into products that are low in carbohydrates. Use vinegar to dress your salads as it lowers blood-glucose level. Avoid sweets during your coffee drinking and caffeine will stimulate your body to burn fat quicker. And surely don't forget about the morning workout. It will help you to decrease the negative impact of a high-sugar meal and you will stay healthy and full of energy all day long!

By the way, some people think that sugar is good after a workout. There is no certain answer to this question, however, we should understand that even if you are young and your metabolism is fast, you should avoid harmful food. But you can still get sugars from natural sources like fruits, honey or vegetables. So try to avoid products with added sugar and you will lose weight quicker.

Another way to stay healthy is to consume natural substitutes for sugar. They are extracted from certain products like brown rice, fruits and much more. The most famous natural substitutes for sugar are honey, maple syrup, date sugar, stevia, coconut palm sugar, molasses, agave nectar, barley malt syrup and brown rice syrup. All of these products are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and are an excellent alternative to white refined sugar.

Healthy Balanced Diet

Now we know a lot of facts about sugar and its features. So let's talk about a real balanced diet. The truth is so that the sugar is normal and healthy part of any diet. It contains almost in every kind of food, even in tomato sauces and yogurts. But in a pure view, it is no more fattening than anything else. The golden rule of any diet is to keep your nutrition balanced with a wide variety of foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Don't forget about the combination of an active lifestyle and the right diet. These are the main conditions of your long-term health.

Never the less, a lot of people think that buying healthy food is too expensive. But we can show you some easy samples of how you can save on buying healthy food. If the price of healthy food is the only reason why you don't buy it, then check out some shopping hacks. Try to buy frozen berries instead of the fresh. They contain the same vitamins as the fresh, but cost much cheaper. An instant oatmeal can cost a lot, but you can save your money if you buy a large canister of quick oats instead. They are easy to cook and you can sweeten them according to your own taste. Or try to buy canned salmon instead of fresh salmon fillet and you will see that you still have money and your fridge is full of useful and healthy food.

Modern tendencies in a healthy lifestyle involve using gadgets to support and improve our health. Such great products as smart watches and other gadgets help us to understand what is happening with our body so we could pick the best fitness programs and change our lifestyle. The most popular brands like Omron, QardioBase, Philips, AliveCor and others invent amazing products that are bought by hundreds of people. Just imagine that you can buy a smart alarm clock that will track your sleep and improve its quality, or you can wear a Smart Scarf that will be not only a stylish accessory but will also filter harmful pollutants so you could breathe clean air. So the healthy lifestyle in all life spheres is not just a dream, with modern technologies it became a reality!